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New Tutorials  >> Autodesk 3ds Max Tutorials for Beginners

New 3ds Max Tutorials

Welcome to our 3ds Max beginner tutorials. Here you will learn 3D modeling, texturing, animation, UVW unwrapping, Vray and Mental Ray rendering.

Autodesk 3ds Max (Formerly named 3D Studio Max), is a 3D modeling computer graphics and animation software. Good for creating 3D models and applying textures and materials. It is used by game developers, TV and movie animation. 3ds Max is also good for rendering 3D images.

Below is a growing list of 3ds Max modeling tutorials.

Latest Tutorials:

Character Clothing in 3ds Max

An easy tutorial on using garment and cloth modifiers to make planar surfaces wrap themselves to the body of the character model. 

Submitted by: admin on May 6, 2014 - 3ds Max


3ds Max FumeFX Tutorial

Learn all about FumeFX. This awesome plugin for 3ds Max really extends physics animation like never before. Read the tutorial on explosions and smoke simulations.

Submitted by: admin on April 28, 2014 - 3ds Max


Make Fire Effects in 3ds Max

In this 3ds Max tutorial you will learn some cool fire animation effects. Must see video includes a preview of a spooky dungeon with torches, fire pit, and a flaming wall.

Submitted by: admin on April 17, 2014 - 3ds Max


Flag animation in 3ds Max 

Learn how easy it is to make a flag animation using Cloth and Garment modifiers in 3ds Max. Output the frames to an AVI movie file for a better rendered animation.

Submitted by: admin on April 4 2014 - 3ds Max


Make Rain fill a box in 3ds Max

In this tutorial learn about Particle Flow in 3ds Max. This is a two part animation. One is particles for raindrops, and the other is the box filling with water.

Submitted by: admin on March 27 2014 - 3ds Max


Model and Render a Lamp Scene in Vray & 3ds Max

Another detailed video series on Vray in 3ds Max. Learn to model and render all objects in the picture to the left in 3ds Max using Vray as the renderer.

Submitted by: Feb 23 2014 - 3ds Max / Community News

Materials in Mental Ray and 3ds Max

3ds Max tutorial on applying materials to you models. Use both Standard and Mental Ray materials. Render image in Mental Ray for realistic results.

Submitted by: admin on FEB 25 2014 - 3ds Max


Mental Ray Lighting in 3ds max

Video and written tutorial show you how to setup lights and a camera for a Mental Ray rendering of your 3D models. In this tutorial we set up a car model.

Submitted by: admin on Nov 7 2013 - 3ds Max


3ds Max Grass Field and Realistic Sky

3ds Max tutorial on rendering a realistic a grass field and sky environment in Mental Ray. The Hair and Fur modifier and Daylight System is centerpiece.

Submitted by: admin on Oct 25 2013 - 3ds Max


Reactor 3ds Max Animation Tutorial

Create a 3ds Max Reactor animation of a steel ball falling on a concrete block and shattering it into chunks. Script will help make this easy to do.

Submitted by: admin on Sept 29 2013 - 3ds Max


Vray 3ds Max Rendering Tutorial

In this Vray tutorial, we will model and create a render of a wine bottle and glass in 3ds Max with VRay. Vray is an alternative renderer to Mental Ray, and can produce very good results.

Submitted by: on AUGUST 28, 2013 - 3ds Max


3D Text tutorial in 3ds Max

 In this tutorial, I will show you the basics of rendering 3D text in 3ds Max. To create 3D text is very simple using 3ds Max. Design your own cool 3D text logo in 3ds Max.

Submitted by: JULY 20, 2013 - 3ds Max


Clay render objects in 3ds Max

When you’re just about finished a model in 3ds max, sometimes a quick clay rendering is needed. You might need an early prototype for the model. A clay rendering is very fast.

Submitted by: on June 24, 2013 - Catagory: 3ds Max


3ds Max Rigging Tutorial

3ds Max "rigging" consists of preparing the moveable parts of the objects so they can be animated together. In this tutorial, we will prepare the wheels for rotation and the body for roll.

Submitted by: on June 11, 2013 - Catagory: 3ds max


3ds Max Vray rendered model

Cool Bracelet render in 3ds Max Vray

Amazing video tutorial series of Bracelet modeling, texturing and then rendering in 3ds Max V-Ray! Very detailed videos. Check it out!

Submitted by: on APRIL 22, 2013 - Catagory: 3ds Max


3ds Max Vray rendered model

3ds Max Vray Tutorial

This Tutorial will show you how to install and use V-Ray for 3ds Max. Vray is an alternate rendering plugin for 3ds Max. There is a Demo to download

Submitted by: on APRIL 17 2013 - Catagory: 3ds Max


Tire modeling in 3ds Max

Creating the model starts out as a Cylinder object, and is modeled in low polygon mode with tight edge loops. A TurboSmooth modifier is applied, and the hard edges keep their shape.

Submitted by: on Feb 22 2013 - Catagory: 3ds Max


Car Modeling in 3ds Max

This tutorial will teach you how to model a car in 3ds Max. We start with the basics, from setting up the background pics, and modeling from 2D Plane objects.

Submitted by: on Feb 22 2013 - Catagory: 3ds Max


Model a WWII Ball Turret in 3ds Max

This 3ds Max tutorial is on modeling a Ball Turret in Editable Poly mode. You will use background pictures as an aid while you model. Watch the cool animation!

Submitted by: on Feb 22 2013 - Catagory: 3ds Max


Background Images for Modeling in 3ds Max

This tutorial is for 3ds Max as well as any 3D modeling program. You will learn how to set up one, two, or three background images for your Modeling Projects.

Submitted by: on Feb 22 2013 - Catagory: 3ds Max


Texture Map the WII HO 229 Flying Wing in 3ds Max

In Part 2 of this tutorial we will Texture Map the Flying Wing. Using the Unwrap UVW modifier to lay out the surface areas of the model. Then render the layout to a PNG template.

Submitted by: on Feb 22 2013 - Catagory: 3ds Max


Poly Model a Flying Wing in 3ds Max

Poly Model a flying wing using the Edge-Shift-Drag technique in Editable Poly mode. We start with a small mesh and select an outer edge and hold Shift, then drag to clone a new polygon.

Submitted by: on Feb 22 2013 - Catagory: 3ds Max


Spline Cage Tutorial - Model a Skull in 3ds Max

This tutorial will teach you the basics of Spline modeling using background pictures in 3ds Max. Learn to createa Spline Cage of a skull. Then apply a Surface modifier to add a skin to the mesh.

Submitted by: on Feb 22 2013 - Catagory: 3ds Max


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