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Microsoft Paint Tutorials for Kids or Beginners 

Microsoft Paint Tutorial

Very well done MS paint tutorial showing all the basics of the Microsoft Paint interface. Must see first to learn the interface basics.



Learn how to draw with MS Paint

A series of tutorials that teach you how to use many tools and menu items in Microsoft Paint. Many topics are included. To mention a few: Text Tool, Rectangle & Select, Polygon, Flip, Copy & Paste, Ellipse, Skew, and Curves. Plus a few easy drawing projects like: Draw a hamster, dog, cat, horse, bird and more.

http://esbergen.org/ ... Paint/how_to_draw_with_ms_paint.htm


Microsoft Paint!

Detailed tutorial that gets you learning the basics of Microsoft Paint. Very recommended!



Draw a Heart in Windows 7 Paint

Artistic tutorial to follow. Draw a Heart With Windows 7 Paint. Learn How to Use the Curve Line Tool to do this. You are on your way to becoming an artist!

http://desktoppub.about.com/ ... Draw-a-Heart-Windows-7-Paint.htm



Cool animation tutorial for MS Paint. A neat "drawing with Mice animation". Drawing lessons using Microsoft Paint as the primary drawing application, and a separate GIF creator.



 Cool YouTube Videos: