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Learn How to Create a Logo in Photoshop

It’s hard to find tutorial sites that teach you how to make logos in Photoshop. Because of this, I have compiled the 25 Best Photoshop tutorials for logo design. Some of the links  will give you plenty of skills for designing icons, patterns and other cool stuff for your logo design. Before you browse the links below, check out my own Photoshop logo tutorials below:


3D Text Logo in Photoshop 



Logo for a fictional watch-selling company named “WATCHI”


Animated Banner Logo in Photoshop


Now here are 25 great & inspiring tutorials on how to make a logo in Photoshop. Pick one or more. These are the finest Photoshop logo design tutorials that I’ve found:


1. How To Make Your Logo 3D In Photoshop



2. Create a 3D Text Scene Using Photoshop



3. How to Quickly Create a Stylish Retro Text Effect Logo



4. Fluffy Clouds Logo in Photoshop



5. Design a logo in Photoshop



6.  Design Your Own Floral Typography Logo in Photoshop



7. How To Create An Epic Metallic Band Logo



8. Metallic Style Logo in Photoshop



9.  Create a 3D Glossy Box Logo in Photoshop



10. How to make circular OOTP logos using Photoshop



11. How To Create a Simple Blog Logo In Photoshop



12. How to Create Remarkable 3D Text in Photoshop



13. Use Photoshop CS5 Extended to Create a Simple 3D Logo



14. Creating Web2 Text Logo in Photoshop CS5



Icons, Patterns and other cool design Tutorials

These tutorials will give you plenty of skills for designing icons, patterns and other cool stuff for your own Photoshop logos: 

15. Innovative Grass Effect



16. Create a Shiny Earth with Photoshop 3D Layers



17. Awesome Amp Controls in Photoshop



18. How to Draw a Nice Flower Icon



19. Shiny Lock Icon Design Tutorial



20. How to Create a Replacement iTunes 10 Icon



21. Learn To Create Plastic Bucket Icon in Photoshop



22. Design Beer Glass and Bottle



23. How to Create a Stylish Pair of Headphones



24. Create a realistic football in Photoshop



25. Creating a realistic eye



My own Photoshop logo tutorials:

Logo for a fictional watch-selling company named “WATCHI”

Animated Banner Logo in Photoshop


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