Export Gmax OBJ files to 3ds Max

If you want to export your gmax files, gmax only allows P3D files for exporting. There are no converters for this file format. So what if you are learning 3D modeling or animation on gmax, and want to use the pro version 3ds Max? (It used to be called 3D Studio Max.) All your work, at least your 3D meshes, can be exported to 3ds Max, or any 3D modeling software program that accepts the OBJ file format, like Blender 3D.

There are some maxscripts available on the internet that can be run in gmax. We have one you can download below. In the video tutorial, we show you how to export gmax objects into an OBJ file. Then it is easy to import the OBJ file into 3ds Max, which already has an OBJ importer.

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