3ds Max Licenses to Save Money

3ds Max Purchase & Licensing:

In this article we will walk you through all the available licensing options available for Autodesk 3ds Max (or any Autodesk product). Whether you are just curious and want to try the 30 day trial, or a student and want to explore the student options, or if you want to go ahead and buy 3ds Max at a savings.

If you are looking at getting into the world of 3D Graphics, then 3ds max is one of the best 3D rendering programs available. It is popularly used in creating three-dimensional models, images, animations, movie effects, architectural visualization, as well as creating 3D content in video games.

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Web Color Design For Website or Blog

Web Colors:

In this article, you will get some insight on how to effectively use colors in your web design layout. You will learn a lot about website color palettes and color combinations for website or blog themes. We put a lot of resource links to complement what you read here.

The basic colors on a webpage or blog include:

– Main Text color (the fonts)

Page color that the main text will appear on

– Color of text links

– The navigation colors (colors on the text or image navigation)

Background color or image (outside the text area)

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Animated Clock in Flash

Use the video as a complement to the tutorial. If you have any problems with the tutorial, you will find out how it was done in the video.

SWF Clock
SWF Clock

This tutorial is not just an analog clock animation, but you learn to use some simple Actionscript code by using the Time Function in Flash new Date() to make the clock work.

After designing the clock and hands, and aligning those hands, you open the actions window to add code that will rotate the hands according to the current date on your computer.

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Call By Value Function Calls in C++

In Functions, by default, C++ lets you pass variables by value (Call by Value). This is to make sure it is more difficult to inadvertently create bugs in the code. These bugs would come easy if the default was a “Call by Reference” instead (read more on Call by Reference).

Let’s explore this further; “Call by Value” does not change the variable you pass to a function, even if that value is indeed changed by the function. So the default setup for parameter passing to functions makes it hard for you, the programmer, to unknowingly let the function change the variable that was passed.

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Call C++ Functions by Reference or Pointers

This tutorial is on C++ Call By Reference. In C++ programming, parameters of a function can be called in two ways, by value or by reference. Read more on Call by Value.

When the function is called by value, a copy of the parameters passed through a function call is created and that copy is used as the argument of the function. The actual value of the parameters is not changed if the corresponding arguments are modified inside the function body.

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3ds Max Character Clothing Tutorial

In this 3ds Max tutorial we will create a simple t-shirt for a character model. We have supplied a “human_figure.obj” file for you to import your model. So all this tutorial is going to focus on is creating a garment (t-shirt) and using modifiers to make it easy to wrap the shirt around the human model.

If you are working with 3D character models, you want to put clothes on them. To model this all by yourself would be very difficult. But you don’t have to… the 3ds Max Garment Maker modifier comes to the rescue. On top of this you put a cloth modifier and start the cloth simulation.

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FumeFX Explosion in 3ds Max

FumeFx is a powerful plug-in for 3ds Max and Maya. You can create very realistic explosions, fire and smoke animations with real-time physics. It supports 3ds Max Particle Flow, and Space Warps and Mental Ray as well.

FumeFX Explosion & Smoke Effects

There are so many awesome parameters to experiment with as well as the ability to start and pause a simulation which will build itself into the animation timeline with as many frames as memory on your computer will allow.

Although there is no demo or trial version, the moderate price is well worth your expense. Here is the link to the FumeFX homepage.

This tutorial will focus on creating a cool explosion with billowing smoke in just 100 frames of animation. Not bad, because any moderate computer with a few gigs of ram will have no problems here.

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