Animated GIF Banner in Adobe Photoshop CS5 (Frames)

In this tutorial we will create a 728×90 animated banner GIF like the ones you see on blogs and webpages. I will use my own Logo “” and just use simple text animation. Then we will save it as a GIF file which can then be played on a website.

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Logo Design in Photoshop

To create a logo in Photoshop can intimidate you at first. But, remember it is all about font selection, and whether you choose to add designs like symbols or icons for different effects. In this Photoshop logo tutorial I will do both – I will design a logo for a fictional watch-selling company named “WATCHI”.

Designing a logo in photoshop

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Glossy Photoshop Text Tutorial

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to make glossy text. We will make use of the Glass Filter and other methods, to create some cool Photoshop glossy text effects.

Glossy text in Photoshop
Glossy Text

You can’t do without Layer Styles, which comes into play here as well. Also, learn to use the Lens Flare, an under-used effect which works perfectly in this tutorial.

The best part is that you have unlimited color schemes for the text, just by altering the color of the overlay layer.

Don’t miss our complimentary video to help you follow the written tutorial.

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Adobe Flash Water Effect with Ripples (Ocean Sunset Scene)

In this wave ripple effect in Flash tutorial, you will learn how to animate ocean waves with a sunset background. This is an easy tutorial, very similar to the Animated Flag.

Adobe Flash Water Animation Tutorial
Adobe Flash Water Animation Tutorial

We will use an ocean image which you can download below. Then we will add the wave’s animation over the ocean part of the image. We do all this in a few layers, with techniques like masking, and drawing the curved lines for the wave effect.

Then we create a motion tween for an animation timeline for the wave animation in Flash.

We will create a sunset scene with the sun close to the horizion. Then create a reflection of the sun on the waves. Then we add a red overlay to the scene.

And that is how I made a rippling water effect in Adobe Flash Professional. Read the tutorial below.

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3ds Max Lighting Tutorial using Mental Ray

Mental Ray LightingThis tutorial continues from the last one which starts here. And the next tutorial starts here. They are all about car modeling in 3ds Max, and all the different aspects like Mental Ray lighting and camera setup that we will discuss below.

Lighting setups in 3ds Max using 3D models in a scene is really easy, as you will soon see. In this tutorial we will teach you how step by step. We will be using Mental Ray as the rendering engine. But you can also do this in the default scanline mode if you want to.

You start with assigning Mental Ray as your default renderer. Use plane objects as a simple environment. Then setup multiple mr Area Spot lights to highlight your model, and create shadow effects. A useful step is placing a 3ds Max camera in the scene to lock a view onto your model.

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Flash Animated Flag Tutorial

In this Flash 2D animation tutorial you will learn how to make a simple Flag animation. This involves masking and motion tweening to create a looping animation.

2D Flash Animation Tutorial
2D Flash Animation Tutorial

Basic knowledge of Flash is required to optimally follow this tutorial (MovieClips, layers, frames, etc.)

Note part of this tutorial was done in the Mac version of Flash, then in Windows version. Both can run the files you can download below.

Download files Zip



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