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Clay render objects in 3ds Max

When you’re just about finished a model in 3ds max, sometimes a quick clay rendering is needed.

You might need an early prototype for the model. A clay rendering is very fast (especially compared to Mental Ray or V-Ray, which can take a very long time to render).

To set a clay model for rendering, follow the steps below (depending on your version of 3ds max, things might look a bit different).

To make a clay model in 3ds max:

Clay Render 3ds Max
Autodesk 3ds max Clay Rendering

Set all model objects /elements to Standard grey.

Set the render to Default Scanline Renderer.

Set the Light Tracer to active.

Set <no exposure control> for the output.

Place a white plane below the model.

Add a Skylight to the scene.

Then Render the model

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