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Smiling Face Logo in 3D Illustrator Tutorial

In this interesting Illustrator logo design tutorial, we will combine a smiling 3D emoticon with text to create an exceptional logo for your website or business. If you have any trouble with the tutorial, don’t worry, we have a detailed video to help you.

3D Smiling Face Emoticon
3D Smiling Face Emoticon

First we will use Illustrator to design a 3D smiling face. It’s quite simple in that you are mainly creating circles and making use of “divide with pathfinder” to shape the smiling face. Then, using radial gradients and effects like inner glow, and blend mode, we create the mouth.

We make the eye with more circles of blue, black and white colors, this time oval in shape. To create a realistic cornea, we create a few circles and divide them. Then we finish the 3D emoticon, with a shiny glow showing the direction of the light.

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