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SEO Part 6 – Site Structure

We have already shed light on some of the most important aspects of search engine optimization from using keywords and META tags to link building. However, not all these things will be of much help if your website’s structure is not SEO friendly.

SEO is not merely a set of some technical tricks but it inculcates many small things like a website’s overall structure. The structure of your site is important because it helps search engines reach a conclusion regarding the indexing of your website. It helps crawlers reach to every corner and see what files or pages should get indexed and in what way.

With the help of a good site structure you can quickly improve your website’s ranking. If your site structure is good, then the benefit you get is incredible as you will be able to get some brilliant links. So how does one develop an impressive site structure? Read on to find out!

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SEO For Beginners 5 – More Link Building

In the last part of this series, we shed light on link building including internal and external link building. However, external link building is such a big part of SEO that it deserves another article in the series. Today, we’ll speak in detail about external link building.

Since you already know the definition (if you do not, please check Part IV of this series) we will instantly move on to the other important points and how to achieve this.

External link building can be achieved in many ways. It can be divided in several types that are explained below with tips on how to get the best results.

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SEO For Beginners – Part 4 – Link Building

We are back with the fourth part of the series of our SEO for Dummies series. We hope that the previous parts were of great help and you have already seen great improvement in your search engine ranking. To view out previous posts please click here

Link BuildingWe have covered the basics already, but there is still a lot that needs to be discussed. Today, we will highlight link building, which is a very important part of search engine optimization, and has proved itself to give good results.

Firstly, one has to understand what link building actually is. Link building revolves around actions used to increase the quality and number of inbound links that a page or website receives. A strong example of link building can be seen in this post itself, where other SEO guideline pages were linked in the first paragraph.

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SEO Part 2 – Keywords & Tags

In Part 1 of our SEO for beginner’s series, you were given the basic information needed to get started making changes that would be beneficial to your website. This chapter of the series will take a more in-depth look at tips and tricks to SEO enhancement, so the information will be on a much more complicated level than in the first chapter. We will talk about keyword Tags.

Tags’ are keywords or keyword phrases that make it easier for visitors to find related content on your site. Blogs often employ “Tag Clouds” as an app to install on your website. They are an important factor of SEO, as well as for redirecting visitors to other posts, which can increase your page views. It is for this reason that this second chapter of SEO for Beginners has been devoted to in-depth coverage of the topic of Tags.

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