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Glass Vray Rendering Tutorial in 3ds Max

In this 3ds Max tutorial, we will model and render a wine bottle and glass using a simple Vray Glass Material.

Vray 3ds Max Glass Tutorial

Vray is an alternative renderer to Mental Ray, and can produce very good results.

Some of the things you will learn:

* Modeling the wine bottle from a polygon, and using Bevel to shape it.

 * Draw the wine glass from 2D lines, then use the Lathe modifier to model it.

 * Use the Turbosmooth modifier to smooth the bottle and glass.

 * Use Vray as the renderer, and apply Vray Materials for 3ds Max.

 * Set up lights, the stage and render settings in Vray.



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Vray for 3ds Max

This Tutorial will show you how to use VRay for 3ds Max. With Vray, you can render awesome photo-realistic 3D images. It is an alternative to Mental Ray rendering.

Vray 3ds Max Tutorial
Vray 3ds Max Tutorial

You can download the Vray plugin for 3ds Max and other 3D software on the internet.

Vray is published by the Chaos Group Company.

There is a demo version and paid version to choose from.

Get the Vray download from: http://www.chaosgroup.com.

Then continue with this tutorial.



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