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Awesome Collection!

Welcome to a wide assortment of tutorials on Tutorial-Boneyard. Here you will find 2D and 3D design related tutorials on 3ds Max, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, and Gimp.

You will also find informative SEO articles and beginner C++ programming tutorials. We have a growing software tech related article section, and a user community news section for you to submit your own articles and tutorials.

Enjoy the good reading and artistic designs.

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24 Photoshop Animation Tutorials

Great list of animation tutorials for Adobe Photoshop. For beginner to advanced projects. Something for anyone to apply.


img-tls-178Optimizing Images for Web & Blog

6 free tools to optimize images for your website or blog. Included are lots of tips to choose file formats and compress them.


gtt-tmb_17824 GIMP Text Effect Tutorials

Lots of GIMP tutorials here focused on cool text effects. Good for beginners or professionals. Get started with text effects.


24_178 24 Beginner Modeling Tutorials in 3ds Max

Visit this post if you are a beginner in 3ds Max. 24 excellent modeling tutorials. Both written and video tutorials … all free.


wp-shared-178Set up WordPress on a Shared Hosting Plan

Learn how to set up shared hosting for your website or blog. Choose a host and upload WordPress core files to the server.


O365-migrate-178Office 365 Public Website Migration to WordPress

Office 365 is ending its support for a Public Website feature. This tutorial will guide you through the migration of posts and pages


 Gimp Layer Effects Text Logo Tutorial

Learn some cool text effects in GIMP 2.8. Design punched-in text with Bevel and Drop Shadow effects. I used this method for my own Logo at the top of this website! Create your own text effects!


Photoshop Frame Animation

Use the Frame Animation option in Photoshop to create a text animation. Easy tutorial focuses on the basics of animated GIF’s. Learn how to Save to GIF format so you can embed in your own posts.


Fix 404 errors in Google Webmaster Tools

Learn to fix 404 (not found) errors in you webmaster tools. Redirect broken links to the right pages or Home page. Don’t miss out on potential extra traffic to your website.


Which 3ds Max Licence option is right for you?

There are many licences for 3ds Max. This article will show you all the options available when you want to purchase 3ds Max. Know what options are available for you, and save money too.


Use Web Colors to Design a First Class Wesite or Blog

In this article, learn basic to advanced web color theory and application to your web pages. Make your website or blog get more return vistors spending more time on your site.


Text Effects in Photoshop with a Hexagonal Background

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn to design cool text effects, and a really cool hexagon background pattern. Create shiny metal text with drop shadows.


Make a Clock in Flash

It’s easy to make an animated clock that syncs to your system clock on your computer memory, with auto rotation of the clock hands. Just some simple Actionscript code is all you need.


Make a Flash Game

Complete game and files are free to download. A good written tutorial and video. Learn how to work with graphics and animation, and code in Actionscript.


Character Clothing in 3ds Max

An easy tutorial on using garment and cloth modifiers to make planar surfaces wrap themselves to the body of the character model.


3ds Max FumeFX Tutorial

Learn all about FumeFX. This awesome plugin for 3ds Max really extends physics animation like never before. Read the tutorial on explosions and smoke simulations.


Make Fire Effects in 3ds Max

In this 3ds max tutorial you will learn some cool fire animation effects. Must see video includes a preview of a spooky dungeon with torches, fire pit, and a flaming wall.


Bubble Collision Flash Game

Learn Actionscript programming in Adobe Flash. Make a bubble collision demo. Its just a demo, but the files and code is free. Do what you want with it. Expand the app to include scoring.


Flag animation in 3ds Max

Learn how easy it is to make a flag animation using Cloth and Garment modifiers in 3ds Max. Output the frames to an AVI movie file for a better rendered animation.


Paint Program in Flash

Learn Actionscript programming while designing a simple painter program in Adobe Flash. Basic interface comes with pen sizes and a color palette. Expand the design and code to your liking.


Make Rain fill a box in 3ds Max

In this tutorial learn about Particle Flow in 3ds Max. This is a two part animation. One is particles for raindrops, and the other is the box filling with water.


CSS3 Horizontal Menu Bar

Design a Navigational menu bar just using HTML and CSS3. Use the utility called “Font Awesome” to make things easier. By using these together, you can create cool and functional navigation.


Where to Start Learning to Program

Are you just starting out in computer programming, but have no idea where to start. Then read this informative article on programming languages, to get you started on the right path.


Rollover buttons in Adobe Flash

Design and use animated web rollover buttons in Flash. Use the downloadable “tweener class” actionscript code to make the animations easy to do.


Glossy Photoshop Web Buttons

Design glossy web buttons in Photoshop. Good for Blogs & Websites. Unlimited color schemes. Easy tutorial with a good video. Check it out.


Design a 3D Smiley in Illustrator

Once you make your own 3D smiley, add your website name next to it for a cool logo for a blog / website. Learn many simple techniques in this Adobe Illustrator tutorial.


Materials in Mental Ray and 3ds Max

3ds Max tutorial on applying materials to you models. Use both Standard and Mental Ray materials. Render image in Mental Ray for realistic results.


Cool Photoshop Text Effects – Glossy Text

See this tutorial on glossy text effects using the glass filter and Layer Styles. Also use the Lens flare effect, and masking for a cool glossy text.


Draw a Red Angry Bird in Illustrator

Now for a bit of fun drawing a cartoon angry bird vector in Adobe Illustrator. Learn the basics using the Pen tool, and Copy, reflect, and scale the pieces.


Realistic Ocean Waves in Adobe Flash

Animate ocean waves Adobe Flash Professional. Use motion tween, masking and other effects to create an ocean waves animation.


Animated Flag in Flash

Animate a simple Flag in Adobe Flash Pro. Create a looping animation with just layers. Learn about motion tweening, and masking.


Photoshop Video Timeline Tutorial

Animate text in Photoshop’s Video Timeline. This gives the animator more power in creating animations. Output a text effects animation to a GIF file.


Cartoon Style Landscape

Illustrator tutorial on making realistic cartoon style landscapes. Use just a few tools and techniques to design a great background using vector symbols available in Adobe Illustrator.


3D Text Effect in Photoshop

Photoshop tutorial on how to design 3D text effects quickly. Using my own domain name, I will create a cool golden 3D text logo.


Mental Ray Lighting in 3ds max

Video and written tutorial show you how to setup lights and a camera for a Mental Ray rendering of your 3D models. In this tutorial we set up a car model.


Illustrator Seamless Pattern Tutorial

Colorful tutorial on Adobe Illustrator. Design seamless patterns using Illustrators various tools. Video included.


3ds Max Grass Field and Realistic Sky

3ds Max tutorial on rendering a realistic a grass field and sky environment in Mental Ray. The Hair and Fur modifier and Daylight System is centerpiece.


Flash Text Animation Tutorial

Cool text animation in Flash, using layers. Read this tutorial and learn some animation tools, tips and techniques available in Adobe Flash Professional.


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