3D Text tutorial in 3ds Max

In this 3ds Max text tutorial, I will show you the basics of rendering a 3D text animation or a still image of a 3D text logo.

3ds Max Logo
Autodesk 3ds Max 3D Text Tutorial

To create 3D text is very simple using 3ds Max. You can download the trial software for 30 days, and have plenty of time to create your own cool text logo in 3ds Max.

Here are the basic steps:

* Type text in the front viewport.

* Put an Extrude modifier on the stack.

* Pull out the 3D text with the Extrude parameters.

* Render in the Perspective window (a still image).

* Or create a simple key frame animation of the 3D text.

* Then render the animation to an AVI video file.

Watch the Video:

Start up 3ds Max:

Start by drawing 2D text in the front viewport. Below I typed “Tutorial”. Then start a new text below that. I typed “Bone Yard”.

To resize each text use the Size under Parameters. Use the Move button on the toolbar to move each text.

Select each text and right click to Convert to Editable Spline. Use the Attach button to join both text.

Go to the Perspective viewport to look at the text from an angle. Use the Orbit tool to see at an angle.

3ds Max Text Tutorial

Add an Extrude modifier from the Modifier List. Use the Amount parameter to pull out the 3D text.

3ds max 3d text

Use the Rotate button on the toolbar, and in the Top viewport, rotate the 3D text 90 degrees.

Now we will create a 3D text animation. Start the animation slider at frame zero. Turn on Auto Key.

Move the slider to frame 50. Rotate the text counter clock wise like you see below.

Go to the Perspective viewport and use the Orbit button to center the 3D text. Zoom in to fill the viewport.

Move the slider to frame 100. Then Rotate the text counter clock wise like you see below.

Toggle off the Auto Key (the red outlines will turn off). Move the slider back and forth and you have your animation. Below is the slider at frame 0, frame 50 and then at frame 100.

To Change the color of the text, use the color swatch.

This is for rendering an animation. Go to the menu Rendering / Render Setup. Choose Time Output to Range 0 to 100. Choose your Output Size.

If you want just one still image rendered, then choose Single. Then after rendering, just save as a bitmap.

Go to down to Render Output. Click Files, and name your animation. Choose AVI as the video output (If you are rendering a still image, then skip this step).

Click the Enviroment and Effects button, if you want to change the Background color or Global Lighting.

Now you can click Render. All frames will be rendering to the AVI file you specified (or to a bitmap for a still render).

I am using Default Scanline Renderer, for this tutorial for a faster rendering. You can experiment and use Mental Ray, and then apply materials to your 3D text, like shiny chrome (you will need a lighting setup). You can also create a lighting scene for the animation in Default Scanline to get cool shadow effects. This tutorial just touches the very basics of what you can do with a 3D logo in 3ds Max.

A still render at frame 100.

3ds Max Logo

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