Box Modeling a Gun in 3ds Max

Box Modeling a gun in 3ds Max

 It’s easy to Box Model a 3D gun in 3ds Max. Modeling the gun consists of boxes and cylinders and shaping them to match a background image.

Once the model is shaped, we have to lay out the surface areas of the 3D model. This is done with the 3ds Max Unwrap UVW modifier.

Then any paint program that supports layers can be used, to create all texture maps. Use the various filters and layer style effects to create the realistic detail.

We are going to use four texture maps on this 3ds Max model project.

The Normal Map will add a lot of extra detail to our low poly 3D gun model. Which is the whole purpose of the Normal Map; keeping the model poly count down to a minimum. The Diffuse map adds all the color detail to the 3D model. The Diffuse map is created from the Normal map which is easy to do. The Specular map will give the steel under chipped paint a nice shine. Finally, the Opacity map, will give transparency to the holes in the first barrel segment of the gun model. It is also easy to create.

Watch the Video:

3ds Max Gun Tutorial | 50 Cal Gun 3D model

Read the tutorials:

Modeling the Gun in 3ds Max

Start box modeling the shape of the model.

Unwrap the gun in 3ds Max

Use the UVW Unwrap modifier to export a 2D image.

Normal Map

Create a normal map to add 3D details to the model.

Diffuse Map

Add a diffuse map to give a color texture to the model.

Specular Map

A specular map will give the model a shiny steel look where there is chipped paint.

Opacity Map

Finally apply an opacity map for any tranparent areas on the model.

Free File Downloads:

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>> PSD textures

>> TIFF File

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