24 3ds Max Modeling Tutorials for the Beginner

Welcome to our roundup of 24 beginner tutorials on 3D modeling in 3ds Max. These free tutorials were carefully selected for the beginner in mind, but a few of the tutorials will be a challenge even for intermediate and advanced 3ds Max users.

Some tutorials are short and to the point, well others are very detailed and will take some time to go through. We have included written as well as video tutorials. Some of the videos are a bit lengthy, but oh so worth it 😉

Well this is not the definitive guide to beginner modeling, it will give you, the aspiring 3D artist, a lot of modeling experience. As well, as learning how to render some models with color materials.

3ds Max Basics

This tutorial will teach you how to start basic modeling in 3ds Max.

Spline Model a glass

2.) Learn the basics of spline modeling. Written tutorial and Good Video.

3D Dice

Model and render dice – basic modeling techniques. Read or watch.

Model an Apple logo

Design a great looking logo in just a few minutes. Watch it.

Model a Bicycle

A detailed tutorial will give you a lot of modeling experience. Good read.

Model a House

An easy house modeling tutorial for beginners. Good video tutorial.

Windows Logo

Model a simple windows logo. Very few steps in this tutorial. Read it .

Model a Robot

For the beginner: modeling and techniques. Watch the Good video.

Model London Bridge

Model mostly from primitive shapes…. it’s not that hard 🙂 Read.

Model a Lego Man

A four part beginner tutorial in modeling a toy. Youtube video.

Model a Chain

Modeling using the Path Deform modifier. Easy tutorial to read.

Model a Futuristic Gun

Use ploy modeling. A detailed tutorial, but easy to follow steps.

3D Monster

Easy 3ds Max organic modeling tutorial for beginners. Model a  3D monster.

Model a Volleyball

Box model a simple ball from a cube. Learn to bevel and use meshsmooth. Read.

Face Modeling

Model Arnold’s face in 3ds Max. Use simple plane modeling. Watch it here.

Model a Clock

Pick up a few modeling skills in this one. Good tutorial. Read it here.

Model a Plant

Another organic modeling tutorial. Model a plant and vase. Read it here.

Bigger House

Fast video timeline of modeling a house. Looks easy! Shows fundamentals.

Model Chairs

Very easy tutorial for all beginners. Model a chair using splines and modifiers.

Logo design with 3ds Max

A beginner tutorial on modeling with text splines in 3ds Max. Design a cool logo.

Model Rubik’s Cube

Make use of the Array tool here, and quality render too. Must read.

Model a Table

Use more than a few 3ds Max tools to model a table. Good for beginners. Read.

Model a Nature Scene

Modeling Niagara falls! Easier than at first sight. Good read for beginners.

Iron Man Mask Model

This tutorial with cut your teeth on some hard edge modeling techniques.

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That’s it for this 3ds Max roundup. Stay tuned, and watch for more tutorials every week. Check out more tutorials below, … as if the above collection does not keep you busy enough 😛

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