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Autodesk Student Software for 3ds Max Users

Autodesk 3ds Max is a popular choice among professionals developing various types of 3D modeling content. Due to the software’s ability to comprehensively create 3D modeling, rendering, and animation, it’s truly an asset for any 3D designer. This software is also used for composting solutions for film and games. That’s why 3ds max has become a great profession for many individuals. To increase the interest among students for training in 3ds max, Autodesk provides a 3ds max student version. It is part of the Autodesk Student Community.

Is the Student Software Free?

Autodesk free software includes the 3ds Max Edition for students. This is part of the education community program, providing free access to the student version of the software and cloud services. This access is complete, but you would get a different Autodesk student license for your software, which would restrict you from using this software for any commercial use. You would also get access to many more services from the community like a very active forum to interact with other designers.

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Who Can Qualify in Student Program?

There are many people who would like to join the Autodesk student community, but they don’t know what the criteria for eligibility are? As the services that you get after joining the program are of great value, Autodesk takes special care that it could not be misused by someone. For this, the company provides you access to a password protected site. This site allows you to access the services of the program. There are three types of people who can join the community; Faculty members, Students and Competitor or competitor mentors sponsored by Autodesk.

Eligibility Criteria for Students: The student trying to join should be enrolled at a certificate-granting or degree-granting institution which is recognized by Autodesk. This enrollment should be of three hours or more credit hours in a certificate-granting or degree-granting education program. If you are enrolled in a certificate program of nine months or longer, then also you are eligible to join the community. You would need to furnish the proof of your eligibility criteria when you are joining the program.


Autodesk Student License Information

Primary Change in License Agreement: The primary change in the license agreements you get from the student program is that it could be used only for the instructional purposes by students in the classroom. This facility was not provided previously to the students. Under no circumstances the software could be used for commercial purposes.

Difference from Commercial Versions: Considering the programming abilities of the software, there would be no difference between commercial version and the student version. However, there would be a watermark displayed on the output files created by the software. This watermark would suggest that the software was downloaded for the student’s personal use and not for any commercial use. However, the company has said that watermarks would not be included in the next versions of the software, even if they are being used by the students.

Other Details: This license is only for the individual students. Therefore, to get the access to the software, every individual student would have to apply for a separate license. There is no option of license sharing between the individuals, even if they are students.


Cloud Services

The cloud based solutions that you get from Autodesk after joining their education community would add plenty of computer power. The access to this service is completely free and it gives you the power to create, render, visualize, simulate, analyze. You are able to iterate your designs much faster and thereby reducing the wait time, which you usually spend at a computer lab or a studio. Therefore, students could easily improve the outcomes of their courses by performing the heavy-processing tasks to cloud services. This would allow you to use the collaboration, rapid visualization and simulation features, along with the access to data-rich and intelligent models. Cloud services provide you the immense benefit of solving your designing problems from anywhere and anytime.

Autodesk Simulation 360: With the use of this feature which you would get free with the cloud services, you could assess the possible points of failure. This gives you the power to find the dynamic response and durability of your design in the long term. This is especially helpful when you are designing things which involve concrete structures and heavy loaded components. This simulation feature is very helpful for students in finding their faults in early stages of the designing.


Training and Tutorials

There are many factors that are influencing the 3D designing environment in present times. These factors include infrastructure boom, globalization, digital technologies, and many other challenges usually faced by artists and engineers working in the digital formats. The software’s and training that you would get by joining the 3ds Max for students program would help you in learning the latest trends that are forging the future of the industry like building information modeling, sustainable design and digital prototyping. The training that you would get would help you in converting these challenges into opportunities.



By joining the Autodesk education community you not only get access to the free version of 3ds Max, but you get full versions of all the new additions of close to 30 applications which are used for various 2D and 3D designing. These applications are used by over 9 million experts to create great designs. Therefore, joining the student program helps you in pushing the boundaries that you have due to the lack of proper development platform for your designs.


Design Showcase

You can also showcase your creation to other members of the community. If you have ideas that can transform a sector and designs which can amaze the people, then you should develop them with the use of 3ds Max. You can then share your creation with more than two million members around the world, who are already part of this program. You can collaborate and learn with them.



The Autodesk 3ds Max student edition program is a great help for all the students who want to learn the proper usage of the software without spending any money. It gives you the opportunity to interact with other like-minded designers in a very active community forum.


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