What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud has been designed to avail the most powerful Adobe applications through a subscription plan online. This bundle used to cost $2599. However, there is an offer for at $49.99monthy. Students get an additional discount of $19.99 per month. See the following student discount Adobe Student Pricing.

Adobe Cloud Services also has additional savings. This is because you get updated software for no additional cost. This means you can enjoy the latest and greatest software from Adobe at a fraction of the cost.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Students

If you are a student, then you are in luck. Adobe Creative Cloud now has an offer that will help students cut down on the cost of the software suite. So long as you meet the qualifications, you can save up to 60 percent off the price of this software package. However, this offer is limited.

The Adobe Student and Teacher Edition now cuts down the cost from US $49.99 to $19.99 a month. You can buy the package by phone and take advantage of the pro tools designed for the standard student budget.

What is more, only Adobe Creative Cloud will give you an entire collection of the newest creative tools used by pros for such a small amount. You can experiment, edit movies, design websites, edit your photos and do so much more using InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, Photoshop CC, Adobe MuseCC and Adobe Premiere Pro and more.

With these amazing tools, you will find new ways to narration your story creatively and artistically. You can also use the software to build the skills that are in high demand for todays digital market place.

Whatever you major in, Adobe Creative Cloud will ensure that you stand out. Instead of making slide presentations, use it to trigger emotions with a multimedia experience replete with interactivity, audio and video.

No matter what your major, Creative Cloud can help you stand out. So go for big impact. Don’t just make a slide presentation. Make a multimedia experience, with video, audio, and interactivity. Create an online poll. Build a website or publish an iPad app without writing code. You have the power.

Even if you have to pay for all this, you can use the offers to cut down on your expenditure. If you are a qualified student, place an order today and start using Adobe Creative Cloud to improve your life.


Other Cost Saving Options for Students & Non-Students

Even as a student, you can benefit in other ways from the new Adobe Creative Cloud offer:

1. Power Users

This plan targets professionals who use the entire Collection from Adobe. If you are going to start on your internship or are just about to graduate, consider using this package. It will give you access to every Adobe application as well as access to other apps such as Edge and Muse.

2. Non-Students

If you are new to Adobe Creative Cloud, then you should think about how the family of applications will help you. Use the month long trials provided. After that, you can pay an additional cost of $74.99, which is still cheaper than paying thousands or hundreds of dollars.

3. Temporary User

For instance, if your project will require the Collection for 3 months only, it would be more logical to pay $225 over the period to access Adobe Creative Cloud instead of paying $2599 for the Master Collection.


Qualifications for Students

Whether you are taking website development, animation, graphic design or any other course, you will need the Adobe Creative Cloud suite sooner than later. However, the commercial bundle is too expensive. This is why you need to apply for the offer for students.

However, you must meet some qualifications. For instance, you must be a full- time student, in an accredited private or public university and enrolled for at least 2 years of study.

With Creative Cloud, you get to take advantage of the cloud. You will enjoy the flexibility that comes with saving your projects and settings online so that you never have to lose them. It has also been building for working smarter in groups.

If you want, you will also be able to make edits and save changes from your tablet, phone or mobile device. However, after getting Adobe Creative Cloud, you should update to the latest features, upgrades and tools. Overall, after you prove that you are eligible for the discount, apply and start enjoying the Adobe Creative Cloud products.


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