Flash Animated Flag Tutorial

In this Flash 2D animation tutorial you will learn how to make a simple Flag animation. This involves masking and motion tweening to create a looping animation.

2D Flash Animation Tutorial
2D Flash Animation Tutorial

Basic knowledge of Flash is required to optimally follow this tutorial (MovieClips, layers, frames, etc.)

Note part of this tutorial was done in the Mac version of Flash, then in Windows version. Both can run the files you can download below.

Download files Zip

Watch the video on Youtube:

Flash Animated Flag Tutorial

Step 1) Start with a rectangle shape and curve the top and bottom as in the picture.

Now copy it, paste it and Flip it Vertically (Modify >> transform >> Flip Vertical).

Join the 2 shapes together. If corrections are necessary do them here by curving lines(If you get a weird shape).

Copy the whole thing and join both shapes together again.

Step 2) Now convert the shape to a symbol. Then make a copy of it.

Join the 2 symbols together and convert to whole thing to another symbol ( mcFlagAnimation ). Important: Set the anchor point to the center.

And once more convert the symbol mcFlagAnimation to another symbol – mcFlag. This is going to be the symbol which will contain the whole flag.

Step 3) Working within mcFlag. Add a new layer above the one with the mcFlagAnimation instance. In this layer draw a rectangle with a different color. Curve its left and right sides as in the picture. This should be the size of your flag – as the end result will display the animation within these bounds.

Next, convert the new layer to a mask. (Right click on it – mask).

Now add a motion tween to the red Flag animation instance. Right click on it – create motion tween. Insert a keyframe somewhere around frame 50. This depends on how fast you want the animation to be. Click on the new frame and move the Flag animation to the left – exactly to its middle point. This has to be done like this because the animation is a looping one and the first frame has to match the last one. Add a regular frame on frame 50 in your mask layer.

PS: Since the origin of the animation clip was set of center; it was easy to get the position right. The width of my animation was 880, so I set the new position to -440.

In a new layer draw a pole.

Step 4) Creating the background within mcFlag. For the background, do as you want. In this tutorial, I’ve imported a background image, made a land and a sun.

To do this, import a background into your scene from File > Import > Import to stage. And move to a layer that is down to the flag layer.

Now make a land. You can use the pen tool to do this.

To make the land more artistic, you can copy and paste it in position by Ctrl+Shift+V and then scale it a little bit inner and color the land that is copied to a lighter color.

Now for the sun, do a circle with orange and yellow gradient.

Now a sun need some glow. To make the glow, convert it to a movie clip and apply the settings that I have in the filters in property panel.

Blur X and Y: 36 PX

Strength: 100 %

Quality: High

Color: Yellow

Now test your movie by Ctrl+Enter.

Watch the SWF animation below:


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