Where to Start Learning Programming

Creating programs that computer users utilize in their various activities is at the heart of programming. Programmers perform tasks such as writing code, creating user’s manuals, testing and troubleshooting programs.

Where to Start Programming
Where to Start Programming

 The desire for services offered by programmers has steadily increased over the past decades because the popularity of computers and the need for new software. Many people who are interested in computers tend to shy away from programming since they are intimidated by the amount of work and the misconception of how complex programming is. Contrary to popular beliefs, programming can be easy and enjoyable to learn. The most important stage is the beginning, because this is where you are either attracted to learning how to program, or turned off by it. If you have decided to learn programming you need to know where to start.

Website Programming Languages

The internet is one of the most common reasons why people use computers and so the best place to start learning about programming is with internet coding languages. The three core coding languages at the heart of any programmer’s arsenal are PHP, JAVA, and JavaScript.

  • PHP is a popular website scripting & programming language. PHP allows you the programmer, to design dynamic websites. This makes it important when it comes to internet usage.
  • Java is a coding platform which consists mostly of independent programming and is present on almost every internet access device and is used particularly for client-server web applications.
  • JavaScript is normally integrated into every browser which allows your browser to interact with scripts on the page. However, while it is still used for browsers it is becoming more popular for game development and desktop / mobile applications.

These 3 website programming languages are usually incorporated into almost every beginners programming course. This is attributed to the fact that they are amongst the most widely used languages. Learning these languages online is a good idea since you have access to a lot of tutorials on the internet. This is a great method for learning the basics of these languages because it can be done anywhere and on your own time.

For more advanced lessons, you may want to consider getting a tutor online or in person to ensure you learn the right way. Programming for beginners in website programming can also be done in schools or colleges that offer individual certificate courses.

Desktop Application Development

After picking up the basics of the three core internet coding languages, you are ready to move on to Desktop programming languages. Visual Basic, C++, and C# are three main desktop programming languages, and these languages will allow you to actually write code for programs with basic and advanced GUI interfaces.

1)    Visual basic

VB is a programming language that you can use to create simple applications as a beginner or more advanced programs and even games on the .NET Windows platform.

2)    C++

C++ can be difficult to learn without some previous programming language but it can be used to create programs such as video games, and pretty much any program you can think of. It is regarded as the de-facto standard software development because of its handling, readability, and performance. Available for Windows and open-source.

3)    C#

C# is an object-oriented language that programmers use to build secure applications that run on the .NET Frameworks. It is very similar to JavaScript, C, and C++ programming languages.

In order to successfully learn these languages, there are plenty of free online tutorials. Do a Google search for written tutorials or Video tutorials.

You can also study these languages in a learning institution. Get recommendations from people who have taken the courses in the school you wish to attend to get a general idea about the quality of training and how in depth the courses are. You should also make sure that if you are considering doing programming professionally that the certificate awarded by the school you wish to attend is recognized by any relevant licensing body.

Mobile Programming Languages

Learning how to code on the internet and in schools can teach you a lot, including how to program applications for mobile devices which run on iOS or an Android based operating system. With the amount of mobile devices that can run so many new apps, this has become a very lucrative field for professionals and amateur programmers alike. The importance of learning different programming languages is further enhanced by the fact that a programmer with the knowledge of mobile devices can readily develop apps for sale in the marketplace such as games or anything you can imagine. Some people can make a comfortable living just making apps for mobile devices.

In order to learn the basics of programming mobile apps, the best place to start, is by watching video tutorials on the internet. The main reason the internet is the best place to learn is because other programmers who have already learned through trial and error will post videos on YouTube teaching you how to do things the correct way the first time.

Many websites will also offer text and picture based tutorials which outline every step of the process to help you learn quickly and effectively. Do a search on Google and you will be impressed with the numbers of tutorials.

If you want to start using a FREE development tool for programming 2D or 3D apps for mobile devices (or any platform), try the free version of Unity3D (4.3) which has a new 2D graphics interface for 2D games and any 2D app you can think of. Check it out.


Where to go from here? You can start our free C++ console programming tutorials in Visual C++ Express. The IDE and C++ compiler are free from Microsoft.

C and C++ Languages have spawned just about all the programming languages we have mentioned above like Java, JavaScript, C# and others. Once you get the fundamentals down with C++ then the other programming languages all seem more natural.

Here is the link to our Beginner C++ Programmers page.

And we highly recommend Lynda.com for training on programming languages we have already mentioned, plus so much more. So check them out too. Here is the link: Get 7 days of free unlimited access to lynda.com.


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