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3ds Max Purchase & Licensing:

In this article we will walk you through all the available licensing options available for Autodesk 3ds Max (or any Autodesk product). Whether you are just curious and want to try the 30 day trial, or a student and want to explore the student options, or if you want to go ahead and buy 3ds Max at a savings.

If you are looking at getting into the world of 3D Graphics, then 3ds max is one of the best 3D rendering programs available. It is popularly used in creating three-dimensional models, images, animations, movie effects, architectural visualization, as well as creating 3D content in video games.

Types of Licensing Available

Since every user has his or her own needs and purposes for using 3ds Max, Autodesk offers a few different licensing options.  Each license has its own compatibility features and capabilities based on the type of work it will be used for. The four types of licensing include:

1)    Free 3ds Max Trial (30 Day Licence)

Before deciding to purchase, you may want to check the latest 30 day trial version. Autodesk releases a new trial every year. So If this is your first time, it might be useful to check out the software and go through the free tutorials. There are plenty of introductory tutorials covering all areas of 3ds Max like animation, rendering, materials, etc. And 30 days gives you plenty of time check out the tutorials your interested in. Here is the trial.

2)    Free Student Version

This package is offered free of charge for Students. It is specifically marked as “for Educational purposes only.” It is similar to the commercial version but has fewer functions and is meant to be used by students and people in Education. It cannot be used for creation of assets for either commercial or non-commercial purposes. The student license lasts for three years after which users will have the option to renew the license or upgrade to a more functional version. Here is the Student page where you can get started

3)    Commercial Purchase

If you are looking for the best of the best, the commercial version of Autodesk 3ds Max is the solution. It has all the unlocked features, bears no watermark and the commercial licenses are easy to purchase. This version can be used to create assets for non-commercial and commercial distribution.  When purchasing a commercial license online, you will need to check the different resources available as you may be eligible for discounts.

Commercial Purchasing Options

Autodesk offers a few convenient and flexible ways to purchase licences. Visiting Autodesk’s product website or talking to a verified and knowledgeable reseller will shed more light on which purchase may be best suited for your needs. They offer Perpetual and Desktop licences, and the standard Upgrade service.

The recommended price of 3ds Max is listed as $3,675 SRP (suggested retail price), however, you can bring down the cost of 3ds Max due to discounts and special offers provided by resellers or by Autodesk. A user buying 3ds Max may opt to either buy new, or upgrade (if you have a previous version). To make the product more affordable, several flexible options for purchasing are available from the Autodesk online store or resellers. They are as follows:

1)    Perpetual License: This license enables you full rights to the software you purchase. A user makes a full payment of $3,675 SRP for the product and license. This can be done online from the vendor’s site or through a reseller.

2)    Upgrade: An individual may upgrade to a newer version of 3ds Max (If you have a previous commercial version). This package will cost $2575 SRP and gives you a substantial savings over buying at full price.

3ds Max Subscription Services

This is a new purchasing option. It offers flexibility in terms of payments as well as day to day usage. It comes with both Annual and Monthly fees.

3)    Annual Subscription: A user may also choose to pay $1470 SRP every year for the service. This is a saving of $750 per year over the monthly plan.

4)    Monthly Subscription: With the monthly plan you pay just $185 for service from the online store. This plan is more suited for short term projects.

If you are interested in any of theses purchasing options then please visit the Autodesk Store, (North America). See the main Autodesk page to navigate to worldwide stores.


One more thing to mention is that Financing is available from an authorized reseller or Autodesk. Avoid the one time full payment and make monthly payments over 12 to 36 months. Here is the link to Financing on Autodesk, and here is the page with worldwide resellers.

In this article, all the offers and prices listed are always subject to change in time, so visit the online store for the most up to date information.

Things to Consider Before Buying 3ds Max

Purchasing or subscribing for Autodesk 3ds Max has become pretty simple and convenient. All that a prospective shopper needs to do is shop around online for a good deal and then make a purchase online from the company site or from a reputable reseller. In addition, the flexible payment options also add convenience when it comes to cost.

Nonetheless, cost is not the only factor that should be considered when making a large purchase like this. You need to determine what your purpose for using the software is and determine how often and how much you will use it. This will help you to decide whether to upgrade, buy or subscribe for the Autodesk 3ds Max software.

You should consider to do research regarding the features and talk to others who have purchased Autodesk products, or a professional to decide what version best suits your needs and budget. After you have decided on all these things and answered your relevant questions, it is time to make a purchase. Enjoy the world of 3D.

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