C++ for beginners using Microsoft Visual Studio

Learning C++ for Beginners

Welcome to the beginner series of tutorials on how to learn C++ programming. While you can use any Native C++ Compiler in these tutorials, we will use the free Microsoft C++ Compiler.

A C++ Console application (text input / text output to the console window), is the easy way to learn all the fundamentals of C++ programming. It is really all you’ll need to get started in C++.

We will also cover Functions and OOP (Object Oriented Programming) later in the series.

We write console applications like you see below.

#include <iostream> 
using namespace std;

int main()
    //code here

    return 0;

Read the tutorials:

Part 1 – Installing Visual C++ Express
In this tutorial, you learn how to download and install Microsoft Visual C++ Express. It is free, and easy to learn. It also offers more than enough features to learn C++ programming.

Part 2 – The Basics of C++

Start learning the basics of writing programs in C++. Program a simple Console text input/output program, and learn the two kinds of errors (bugs) that prevents programs from running.

Part 3 – Conditional “if” Statement

Start using the Conditional “ if ” statement, which compares 2 or more variables inside the parenthesis of the “if” statement.  Program a real App, a Simple Calculator.

Part 4 – else if Statement in C++

We go into detail on the “if” statement. This includes the statements else, else if, and nesting if-else statements. Then we will start a new programming Project: Metric Converter.

Part 5 – “switch and loops”

In the 5th tutorial for beginners in C++, we will introduce you to the “switch” statement and in the later part will move to the iteration structures such as “for”, “while”, “do while” loops.

Part 6 – Arrays & Strings

In this tutorial we are going to introduce you with the most fundamental data structure i-e Numbered Arrays in C++. We are also going to have some fun with Strings in C++.

Part 7 – POINTERS in C++

We have discussed arrays and strings in the previous tutorial. Now is the time to discuss something more advanced and technical. Yes, we are going to discuss pointers in this tutorial.

Part 8 – Functions in C++

Functions… a very important aspect of any programming language. We will describe what a function is, what its uses are and then give examples of how a function can be used in C++.


Call By Value in C++

Learn about the default way of passing values to function parameters. Call by Value does not let values that change, be passed back, altering the original variable.

Call By Reference in C++

Learn the advantages to calling a function by reference. This can be done by pointers as well. Copy and paste code in the examples.

The Constant Modifier

Learn about the ‘const’ modifier and how to use it in functions, global and local variables, and with pointers. Clear and easy.


A lot more C++ tutorials on the way. We have yet to finish this tutorial series on C++, so stay tuned. Until then, check the links below for more programming tutorials.

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