Flash Tutorials

New Flash Tutorials. Learn about animation and Actionscript coding. Free Flash game demo tutorials to cut your teeth on. Free copy & paste code and file asset downloads. Get started!

Make a Clock in Flash

It’s easy to make an animated clock that syncs to your system clock on your computer memory, with auto rotation of the clock hands. Just some simple Actionscript code is all you need.


Make a Flash Game

Complete game and files are free to download. A good written tutorial and video. Learn how to work with graphics and animation, and code in Actionscript.


Bubble Collision Flash Game

Learn Actionscript programming in Adobe Flash. Make a bubble collision demo. Its just a demo, but the files and code is free. Do what you want with it. Expand the app to include scoring.


Paint Program in Flash

Learn Actionscript programming while designing a simple painter program in Adobe Flash. Basic interface comes with pen sizes and a color palette. Expand the design and code to your liking.


Rollover buttons in Adobe Flash

Design and use animated web rollover buttons in Flash. Use the downloadable “tweener class” actionscript code to make the animations easy to do.


Realistic Ocean Waves in Adobe Flash

Animate ocean waves Adobe Flash Professional. Use motion tween, masking and other effects to create an ocean waves animation.


Animated Flag in Flash

Animate a simple Flag in Adobe Flash Pro. Create a looping animation with just layers. Learn about motion tweening, and masking.


Flash Text Animation Tutorial

Cool text animation in Flash, using layers. Read this tutorial and learn some animation tools, tips and techniques available in Adobe Flash Professional.


Flash Animation – Flying Jetpack

Simple animation in Flash. Animated cartoon jet pack. We will draw a jetpack with a thrusting animation in Flash and test out its flight with simple code.


Flash Beginner Game

Making a simple click-and-move-to-point game with OOP (Object Oriented Programming). Click anywhere on the stage and make the character move to that point.


Beginner Flash Animation

In this tutorial, we look at how Keyframes work in Flash layers, and how to use them to create flash animation (for beginners). The animation we will make is a simple counter.

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