Gimp Fire Effect & Animation

Fire Effects in Gimp using Filters

Make 2D still and animated fire! You will learn to use simple tools like a Confetti brush with red, yellow and while colors. Blur and Noise filters do the rest to make your job easy.

Fire Image in Gimp

1. Fill the work area with black

2. Use the Pencil Tool.

3. In tool options select Confetti brush and a large size.

4. Use colors white, yellow and red as you see below.

5. Blur the image. Go to Menu > Filters > Blur > Gaussian Blur.

6. Add a new layer on top of the color one. Fill with black or white.

7. On menu go to Filters > Render > Solid Noise. Use the settings below.

8. Put the clouds layer to Overlay.

9. Duplicate the clouds layer 4 times for more depth. Below is what you should see.

10. So this is how the layers should look like now.

Simple Animated fire

To make an animated sequence of the above fire image:

1. Make a copy of the blurred background layer. Then turn off the copy.

2. Now right click the visible layers and Merge Visible Layers.

3. Now you have one frame for your animation.

4. Make a new cloud layer on overlay mode and duplicate 4 times.

5. Make another copy of the blurred layer.

6. Merge the new cloud layers and blurred layer to another frame.

7. Keep repeating until you have at least four fire frames.

8. To play the animation, go to Filters >Animation > Playback.

9. If it looks right save it to a GIF file.

10. Go to File > Export As > fire.gif >

11. Use the settings above.

12. To run your GIF file go to the folder it was saved in and open it in a browser.

Hope this gives you insight on the cool stuff you can do in Gimp!

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2 thoughts on “Gimp Fire Effect & Animation”

    1. Play with the “Delay Between Frames” setting. Also make more frames for the animation. You might have to rearrange the layers of your final animation sequence until it looks right.

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