20 Gimp Logo Design Tutorials

Tutorial on how to make a logo in Gimp
Tutorial on how to make a logo in Gimp

Gimp is free and just as good as Photoshop when it comes to Logo Design. When you are designing a logo, choose to use text, or both text and graphics. Learn to use shadows, textures, patterns, gradients, layers, masks, curves, beveling and more. Either way, the following tutorials on Gimp Logos, will give you all the practice you need to design a winning logo for your website or business.

1. Web 2.0 Button Logo

This simple Gimp will show you in 13 easy to follow steps the way to make a useable web 2.0 button logo. The tutorial uses layers, shadows, text, blending and gradients to produce an appealing yet simplistic logo.

2. Dekoded Software Logo

The logo tutorial found on this page is very thorough. It is a 13 minute tutorial that shows you how to make a great logo (this one is currently in use on a website). It makes use of layers, isolating an image color, layer masks, and layer modes.

3. Audi Logo Design

This tutorial is very similar to the one found on www.gimpshop.com in the basic design of the circle, however it goes into more detail using layers, gradients, shadows, duplication and Gaussian blur to create the world renowned Audi logo. It is an easy to follow 4 step (with multiple sub-steps) picture guided tutorial with detailed explanations.

4. Metallic Logo

This is an exceptional step by step logo which goes into detail using screenshots and instructions through 17 simple, easy to follow steps. It is user created on a gimp forum and is available for download. It makes use of textures, patterns, gradients, layers, curves, beveling and many other features in Gimp.

5. Volkswagen Logo Tutorial

This easy to follow 6 step photo and instruction based tutorial will show you how to make the Volkswagen logo from scratch. It makes use of layers, beveling, and shadows. It is a basic tutorial for the logo which you can create then play with to customize it in whatever way you want.


6. Make a logo using the Path tool

This logo tutorial takes you through 11 pictures and instruction based steps and shows you how to create a logo using text, color gradients, and the path tool, which is ideal for personal use or for business cards. It focuses on simplicity while creating an appealing web 2.0 logo or icon.

7. Web 2.0 Text logo

This tutorial outlines in 16 easy to follow picture and instruction based steps how to create a simple yet dazzling web 2.0 text logo. It is great for beginners and makes use of the mask layer, ellipse selection tool, and the grow selection tool.

8. Simple text based website logo

This video tutorial will show you how to make a highly attractive text based website logo. It is 9 minutes long and very detailed with screenshot video and voiceover for the instructions. It makes use of text, shadow, reflections, layered text and lighting effects.

9. 3D text logo

This tutorial makes use of the Logo creation tool that gimp 2.6 offers. It is a simple tutorial on how to create the 3D appearance and how to apply that to text. It can be used to enhance your existing logo or to create the logo your business needs. It uses the text, font, blend gradient, and background color features of the logo tool.

10. Clear Logo Tutorial

This is a very in depth logo creation video which will teach you how to create a logo using text from and existing image. It goes through every single step over the course of 26 minutes required to undertake such a task. This is ideal for people or businesses that don’t want to create an image based logo but rather want to use their name or words as their logo.

11. Reflections for Logos

This simple photo and instruction based tutorial will show you in 8 easy to follow steps to make reflections for a text based logos. The tutorial makes use of shapes, fills, gradients, shadows and layers to produce a shadow text reflection.

12. Text and curve based Logo

This tutorial outlines in 10 easy to follow, user friendly steps, the way to make a fantastic logo for any business. It uses pictures and instructions, and takes you through from start to finish, making use of text, paths, gradients and shadows.

13. Text logo with blur and gradient

This is a very detailed 32 step logo creation tutorial which makes use of pictures and written instructions. It utilizes the text, color, gradient, blend, blur and filter tools in The Gimp. It is ideal for a personal logo or can be used to apply certain effects properly to an existing logo.

14. Glowing Neon Logo

Have you ever wanted to have a neon light logo? Now is your chance, because in just 13 EASY STEPS, you can turn those boring old words into a glowing neon logo. This tutorial outlines the steps necessary to do just that and uses the text, path, opacity, blur and feather tools.

15. Arrow and Text Based Logo

This logo tutorial will teach you in less than 15 steps how to create a simplistic and beautiful logo for your business or web page. It makes use of many tools including text, shapes, gradient, and rectangle select.

16. Glossy Metal Text Logo

This video tutorial is very detailed and will teach you in less than 7 minutes the way to great an amazing 3D text and image based logo that is glossy and metallic. The tutorial makes use of text, light, gradient, color and many more features available in The Gimp.


The following links may be of interest however I didn’t bother to do the descriptions since they aren’t specifically for logos. They are gimp tutorials that users may find helpful if they want to apply them to other existing logos.

17. Curved text in Gimp

18. Gimp contaminated effect tutorial

19. Gold text effect

20. Create a light text effect in Gimp

Hope these Gimp tutorials will inspire you to make your professional logo. Check more tutorials below, and share this post with your friends.

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