24 FREE Text Effects Tutorials for Gimp – Any Skill Level!

Welcome to this awesome list of FREE GIMP text effect tutorials. All these tutorials have been painstakingly compiled for you the aspiring GIMP artist. We have tried to make the list as diverse as possible, so you will find something you really like.

In this list we include both tutorial posts and videos. You will learn to use a lot of tools, techniques, tricks, and methods in the process of designing cool text effects. GIMP is easy to use, and text effects is especially easy once you start on the tutorials below.

So start take a look at the links below and if you really like what you see, make a comment, and share with your friends. 🙂

Pressed Text

Nice tutorial. Create pressed text using drop shadows and bump mapping.

Futuristic Text in Gimp

Design a futuristic style text effect with neon. All in gimp. A short video.

Lava Text Effect

Text straight from a volcano. Bevel text on an ash volcanic background.

Star Wars Text

Layer effect styles on a Hubble telescope stars image. How cool can it get?

Chrome Text

In this tutorial, learn some techniques on designing shiny chrome text in Gimp.

Animated Sparkle Effect

Ok not a real text tutorial, but learn how to animate sparkles around your text.

Mirrored Metal Text

For this one you need to download some scripts for Gimp…but worth it.

Text Stamp

Create a cool Text Stamp in Gimp. Kind of a grunge effect. Looks good.

Text on 3D Spheres

Cool video tutorial on using ‘Map to Object’ to design text on balls. Watch it.

Glowing Text

This tutorial has just 12 easy steps to add a glow effect to your text. Check it.

Glowing Text

Neat tutorial on adding motion blur on glowing text. Learn a few tricks.

Text on Faces

You got to see this one. Blend your text with a person’s face. Nice effect.

Super Nova Text Effects

Gradients, light effects, mirroring, resizing, and blur makes for a great video tutorial.

Splashy Text Effect

Learn to use paintbrush, script-fu effects, and colorize to design a cool text effect.

Beveled text on Stone

Learn some nice beveled text effects with drop shadows on a stone background.

Awesome Artistic Text Effects

Call it what you want, but some cool text design here. Watch the video.

Glassy Text

Using a couple scripts, design simple but realistic glassy text in Gimp.

Glossy Gemstone Text

This is a good quality tutorial. Learn a few text effects in this one. I like 🙂

Image to Text

Add a nature image to beveled text. See the two versions below. Nice.

Brush Image in Text

Cool … brush in any image into your text … and mirror it. Good tutorial.

Artistic 3D Text

Combine Illustrator 3D effects and Gimp to create this quality work of art.

Draw Your Text

Cool tutorial on creating a GIF animation of your text. I like this one.

Neon Text

Five steps in this neon text effect tutorial. Cool text effects in this one.

Wrap Text to Path

This one shows you how to put text on a circular path. I’m glad I found this.

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That’s all for this post. Please comment and share with friends. If you have a GIMP text effects tutorial or video, put your link in a comment below. Let me know if any links are broken. 🙂

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