Gimp Tutorials for Beginners

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an open source paint program becoming a free alternative to Photoshop. With Gimp you have the ability to apply many functions to touch up photos, draw and paint, and create textures with many filter effects available. Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Although Gimp is mostly used for touching up photographs it can do a lot more with the layerfx script for the Gimp Script-Fu which has all the basic effects that Photoshop layer effects has. This makes Gimp a powerful tool for creating 2D textures for 3D modeling programs like 3ds Max or Gmax.

Current versions available include version 2.8. This will be the version we will use. Download Gimp below. Also download and install the LayerFX script to get Photoshop Layer Style Effects.

>> Gimp software download: Gimp 2.6

>> Gimp Layer Effects: LayersFX


 Gimp Tutorials:

Gimp or Photoshop

Gimp is open source and free to download. Photoshop on the other hand is expensive (CS6 version), but is the choice for professional graphic designers, and photographers.


Gimp Flaming Text Effects

In this tutorial, learn a cheap and easy way to add fire and flames to your text in Gimp 2.8 using just filter effects!


24 GIMP Text Effect Tutorials

Lots of GIMP tutorials here focused on cool text effects. Good for beginners or professionals. Get started with text effects.


Gimp Layer Effects Text Logo

Learn some cool text effects in GIMP 2.8. Design punched-in text with Bevel and Drop Shadow effects. I used this method for my own Logo at the top of this website! Create your own Text effects!


20 Awesome Logo Tutorials in Gimp

Gimp is free and just as good as Photoshop when it comes to Logo Design.  Learn to use shadows, textures, patterns, gradients, layers, masks, curves, beveling and more.


Gimp Normal Map Plugin Tutorial

Creating Normal maps in Gimp is easy to do. Before you can use the Normal Map filter in Gimp, you need a gray scale image. With the Gimp filter, convert it to a Normal map, and apply it to the model.


End Table texture using Layer Effects in Gimp

You will learn to use the following Layer Effects: bevel and emboss, dropshadow, and inner glow. These effects are applied to patterns in different layers to create a realistic texture.


Gimp Animated GIF Tutorial – X-ray Scanner

Gimp version of the Photoshop X-ray animation. It just shows anything you can do in Photoshop, you can do in good old free Gimp. Create an animation GIF Xray scanner.


Download & install Gimp Layer Effects

The LayerFX script give Gimp all the Photoshop Layer Style effects. Now you ca use Gimp for serious textured text and graphics. Includes EndTable texture demo.

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