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One of the most popular 3D modeling software is 3ds Max, also called 3d studio max. There is also Gmax, which is free, and based on an earlier version of 3ds Max.

Gmax runs on all Windows, including Windows 7. Learn 3D modeling or animation in Gmax with the confidence that what you learn can be applied to 3ds Max as well. Your 3D models in Gmax can be exported to 3ds Max.

You can use the free 3D Gmax software download. Or try the trial version of the professional 3D software, 3ds Max. Our tutorials teach you to create 3d models using a method called Box Modeling. This is because, box modeling makes use of primitive objects (which are easy to create and edit), like boxes, cones, cylinders, spheres, which you then shape (usually with the aid of a background picture.)

Gmax Tutorials:

Export Gmax OBJ files to 3ds Max

If you want to export your gmax files, gmax only allows P3D files for exporting. There are no converters for this file format. So what if you are learning 3D modeling or animation on gmax, and want to use the pro version 3ds Max? (It used to be called 3D Studio Max.) All your work, at least your 3D meshes, can be exported to 3ds Max, or any 3D modeling software program that accepts the OBJ file format, like Blender 3D.

Bake Normal and Specular Maps into the Diffuse Map

Baking Normal, Specular, and Diffuse maps will help simulate Normal Bump and Specular rendering. This is best used in older 3D software like Gmax, because it does not render these maps.

Export 3ds Max models into Gmax

Is your 3ds Max Trial running out? You could buy the full version for $4000. But if you can’t afford it yet, why not export your 3ds Max models to Gmax? You can and it is easy to do. Gmax is an older stripped down version of 3ds Max, but all the modeling and animation fundamentals are the same. So you can export your meshes, UVW maps, bitmaps, and continue modeling in Gmax. And when you buy 3ds Max, you can easily Import your Gmax models.

File downloads:

Gmax freeware

– Download gmax 1.2.

– Gmax is a Free 3D modeling program.

– All gmax skills are transferable to all versions 3ds Max.

3ds Max Trial

– Download the 3ds Max

– 30 day trial

– Export Gmax to 3ds Max

Recommended Gmax / 3ds Max books:

The Gmax Bible offers a good introduction to gmax.

Poly Modeling is an excellent book showing new 3d modeling methods. Learn why modeling with “4 point poly’s” is the way to go when using the “meshsmooth” modifier to subdivide your mesh object. Written for3ds Max in mind, but applies to Gmax too.

Creating Game Art is highly recommended, not only for creating game art, but also “low poly” 3d modeling methods which are described very well here. 3ds Max or Gmax.

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