Smiling Face Logo in 3D Illustrator Tutorial

In this interesting Illustrator logo design tutorial, we will combine a smiling 3D emoticon with text to create an exceptional logo for your website or business. If you have any trouble with the tutorial, don’t worry, we have a detailed video to help you.

3D Smiling Face Emoticon
3D Smiling Face Emoticon

First we will use Illustrator to design a 3D smiling face. It’s quite simple in that you are mainly creating circles and making use of “divide with pathfinder” to shape the smiling face. Then, using radial gradients and effects like inner glow, and blend mode, we create the mouth.

We make the eye with more circles of blue, black and white colors, this time oval in shape. To create a realistic cornea, we create a few circles and divide them. Then we finish the 3D emoticon, with a shiny glow showing the direction of the light.

Finally, we finish this logo by adding the text (in this case I will use my web name). We use an Extrude & Bevel effect to make the text stand out. Remember, symbols and text look good together as a logo, as you see below. Now you see that creating a logo in Illustrator will make it look appealing and professional in design.

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3D Smiley Illustrator Logo Design

Create a circle and apply a gradient with light and darker yellow color. Use radial gradient and use the gradient angle showed in the image below.

For the mouth, just copy and paste the circle 2 times, scale and position them as shown in the image below. Then select both of them and click on divide in pathfinder. If you don’t have pathfinder window open, open it from Window > Pathfinder.

Now just ungroup and delete the extra shapes. Apply black color to the mouth.


Copy and paste the mouth in front (Ctrl + F). This will give us the exact position that we’ve copied from. Now scale down the new shape a bit and move it to the left side of the black shape to fit on that. Apply a radial gradient with black and red color inside.

Now apply an inner glow with black color, 100% opacity and 3mm blur.


Now select the black shape. From the transparency panel, change the blend mode to darken and opacity to 20%.


For the eye, make a black oval shape first. Just like with the mouth copy, use an oval shape and scale a little bit, change the color to white and move to left of the black shape. Move the mouth to right side of face as we will make the face to turn his right side.


For the cornea, make a blue circle inside eye and then make another black circle over that. Just like the image below.


You can add some more effect on eye like I’ve done.


I made the shape with 4 circles and dividing them. Remember how you made the body.


First place the circles in position, divide them and remove the unwanted shapes. I’ve given 80% opacity to the white areas over cornea.

Now move the whole cornea to left and just duplicate and place the left eye.


Scale up and reposition the whole face if needed.

Now copy the main base shape of the face and paste it in front (Ctrl + F). Change the yellow colors to whites, then the outer colors opacity to 0%.


Now copy the shape again, paste it in front and scale it like the image below. Select both of the shape and divide them. Ungroup and remove unwanted shapes as like before.


Type down your text on right side of the face as the emoticon is looking at the text. Give it a color. I used Arial Black font.


Outline the text from Type > Create Outlines or Ctrl + Shift + O. Now go to Effect > 3D > Extrude & Bevel. You can use my settings:  0°: 0.1°: 0° angle; perspective: 40° and all default settings.


After that you can still adjust the color of the text.

Nice 3D Emoticon logo! Now you know how to do emoticon faces in Adobe Illustrator. And some basic 3D Text effects. Try and make your own logo now!

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