Illustrator Example of Angry Bird

In this drawing with Illustrator tutorial, you will see how easy and fun drawing a red angry bird vector (from the popular Angry Birds ™ game) really is.

Angry Birds Drawing Tutorial in Adobe Illustrator
Angry Birds Drawing Tutorial in Adobe Illustrator

Using the Pen tool in Illustrator, we start drawing an Oval shape for the body then modify the shape. All pieces of the angry bird are ovals, or we just draw the shapes with the pen, and then modify the shape.

We can copy, scale, and reflect pieces until the image is done. Since this is a vector image, you can scale the image up or down without any loss of clarity until you save to a non vector file. Don’t miss watching the video.


Angry Bird .ai

Download Free Angry Bird Vector

Watch YouTube: How to Draw Red Angry Bird

Watch the video

Angry Bird Drawing in Illustrator

How to make an angry bird vector in Adobe Illustrator

Create a new Oval Shape . Make the Fill red and the Stroke black . Increase the stroke to 5 point . Use the  Selection tool to move and resize the oval. Now use the  Pen tool to add anchor points and  Direct Selection tool to move them. Use fill color #ed1f24 and a strong black stroke. It should look like the image below. Watch the video if you have problems here.

Now for the top hairs, make 2 oval shapes, modify them with Pen tool and place them at the top of our character as like the image below. Use same fill and stroke. Then select all of the shapes and click Unite from the Pathfinder panel (Windows >> Pathfinder) to combine them. WATCH THE VIDEO to see how I did all this.

Now we’ll make one eye first. Make a new layer. Make two oval shapes for the eye. One with black stroke and white fill and another one inside the first with only black fill.

Now use the Reflect tool to copy the first eye and reflect it horizontally. To Reflect, use Selection tool to select both ovals of the eye, then Right click >> Transform >> Reflect. Use the setting below. Then click Copy.

Now scale the right eye to make it smaller. To Scale, use the Selection tool and hold Shift while dragging the corner of the object. Then draw the eyebrows with Pen  tool. Fill the object with black. Move, resize, scale the same way described earlier.

For the beaks, make a triangle looking shape with the Pen tool. Now go to Convert Anchor Point Tool , and pull out the hands so you can curve the shape (takes some practice). When you are done the shape of the upper beak, use the Reflect tool copy and reflect it vertically. Then scale it down vertically a little bit.

Now go to the layer you made the body. First, select the shape of our character then go to Object > Path > Outline Stroke. This will convert the strokes into fill. Now ungroup it. Then make a shape like the image below using pen tool but no stroke and a light yellow fill. Go to the  Selection tool. Hold Shift and group select the new shape and the inner body. Now click Divide from the Pathfinder panel. When creating the shape, just make sure that the shape goes outside the red area. Note the Divide button at bottom left arrow, and that we are in the body layer at the arrow at right.

Now ungroup it (Object >> Ungroup) and select the overlapping piece and delete it.

One more thing… Click the black stroke of the body. Then Right Click >> Arrange >> Bring to Front. Now your art should look like the image below.

Now make a new layer between the current two layers. Then make a few oval shapes for the body, and fill with #B21F28.

Now the final thing that you need to do is the tail. Make a new layer below all the layers and use the pen tool to make the tail. You can also make 3 rectangles and transform them to look like this.

That is how you make an angry bird in Illustrator. So here are the final layers. It is good to put different art in separate layers that make sense.

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