Neon Illustrator Text Effects

Adobe Illustrator text effects tutorial
Adobe Illustrator text effects tutorial

In this Illustrator text tutorial, you will learn how to create cool neon text. Text effects in Illustrator are easy once you learn the basics. Here is a bullet list of the steps you will take:

* Download the cool font we will use to create the Illustrator text:

Download NeonFont

* Learn to use the following Illustrator effects:

– Outline Stroke, the Direct Selection Tool, and Rounded Corners.

– The Pathfinder tool,  the Blur effect, and Outer Glow.

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Illustrator Text Effects Tutorial

Creating a Neon style text using Adobe Illustrator

1. Create a rectangle with Black fill color and make your text. Use my font to make the text like neon light. I used Neon Regular. This font is available free to download.

2. Make another rectangle with no fill color and white stroke. Make stroke width fit with the font. I used 3.2 pt when my font size is 48 pt.

3. Create outlines of the font by Type > Create Outlines.

4. Make sure each character’s start and ending point join together. Zoom in to every joining point and use Direct Selection Tool to move the anchor points.

5. Cut the rectangle with white stroke so that it connects the starting and ending point of the texts. Select the rectangle and open Appearance toolbar (Window > Appearance). Click on Add a new Filter > Stylize > Rounded Corners. Use 0.125 in.

6. Make the rectangle fit with the text. Move the anchor points to fit better. Use direct selection tool to move the anchor points. After scaling the rectangle, make outline by Object > Path > Outline Stroke.

7. Open the pathfinder toolbar from Window > Pathfinder. Now select both text and the rectangle shape and the click Unite from the pathfinder toolbar. Now they are a single shape.

8. Now make another rectangle and use same stroke with white and create outlines for that.

9. Now select the text and add inner glow from Effect > Stylize > Outer Glow. Use Blend mode : Normal; Color : #44b7e9; Opacity : 100%; Blur : 0.01 in; Edge.

10. Same way, add outer glow from Effect > Stylize > Outer Glow. Blend mode : Normal; color : #44b7e9; Opacity : 100%; Blur : 0.01in. Then add another Outer glow with opacity 50% and all other values same. Add a stroke from appearance toolbar with 0.5 in and black color.

11. Same way, stylize the other rectangle shape with red color or anything you want.

Congratulation! Your neon style text is complete in Adobe Illustrator.

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