24 Tutorials on Designing Photoshop Animations

The following are 24 good tutorials on animation with Adobe Photoshop. Whether beginner or advanced, or somewhere in between, this list will give you something your looking for in 2D and 3D animation.  Photoshop is a powerful tool to design impressive animations for websites, games, video, or business.

This is not a complete list, but  more than enough for you to chew on, as you learn animation. Some tutorials are for beginners, and some cover more advanced topics.

If you have no experience in GIFs, Video Timeline or Frame Animation, then carefully go through the list below and you will find one that is easy to start with.

3D Logo Animation

Design a 3D Logo and then animate it. Replace company name with yours.

Reveal an Image

Cool animated GIF to reveal a photo or image. Just like a scratch card.

Animate Lightning

Simple animated lightning using a photo as a background. Looks real.

Walking Cat Animation

Detailed tutorial on how to draw and animate a cat in GIF format.

Falling Snow

Use Photoshop’s Video Timeline feature to animate snowfall on a picture.

Fire Animation

Design an animated fire in a GIF file. Very easy tutorial to follow.

Animate a Bird

Animate a bird with Puppet Warp. No English in this video, but cool feature.

3D Animation

Import 3D animation in Photoshop CC. This video shows you how.

Animated Ads for Business

A good tutorial for designing animated banner ads in Photoshop.

Simple Animated Car GIF

An easy tutorial on frame animation. Good for beginners to start.

3D Rotating Earth

Awesome 3D timeline animation tutorial with Photoshop. Must see.

Paint Brush Animation

Get really good results in this video tutorial. Animate a brush.

Spiraling Animation Effect

A spinning spiral animated GIF. Nice short tutorial. Good animation effects.

Video to GIF

Use the timeline feature in Photoshop to convert a video to GIF.

Animate Art for Games

Very well done tutorial on making animated sprites for game apps.

3D Text Animation

Nice tutorial on 3D text animation on the timeline. Check this link for the mp4.

Animate a Loading Circle

Create a cool loading circle animation for web sites or videos.

Animated Text

Use frames and layer styles to animate borders of any text.

Rotating Text & 3D Object

This was done in Photoshop CC. But a first rate tutorial on 3D animation.

Animated Flag

Use Photoshop to create realistic animated flags in GIF format.

Animated Transition Effect

Easy tutorial on making an object appear to fill with fluid using a transition effect

Animate Rain

Another good tutorial, this time you can animate rain on a photo background.

Drawing Animation

Draw and animate a walking person in this great timeline video tutorial.

10 Tips to Optimize GIF files

This tutorial is a must if you make GIF animations. Gif files tend to be large.

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We hope you found something you liked. This is not a complete list, but all tutorials were reviewed, and the list is diverse. Photoshop animation is not difficult, especially GIFs.

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