Logo Design in Photoshop

To create a logo in Photoshop can intimidate you at first. But, remember it is all about font selection, and whether you choose to add designs like symbols or icons for different effects. In this Photoshop logo tutorial I will do both – I will design a logo for a fictional watch-selling company named “WATCHI”.

Designing a logo in photoshop

Below, you will learn logo design methods to help you make a cool logo like:

* Gather different fonts to brainstorm for the best.

* Design a cool clock symbol to fit nicely to the font.

* Learn how to Rasterize text layers for editing.

* Once you finish your logo design, add a mirror effect.

* Then choose the coloring scheme, including an inverted color logo.

Watch the video:

How to Make a Logo in Photoshop

Firstly, I would like to introduce a couple tips on designing a web logo:

– Deal with the making of the logo as if you are dealing with the company name. It must be unique. Do not copy the others’ ideas but instead open widely the doors for your imagination.

– Take a look at a few famous web logos. Use symbols or fonts (or both):

Now I will show you how to create a professional logo in Photoshop:

Brainstorm for Cool Fonts

Our main target is the name of the company. Therefore, I will try to choose a good font that can be used, or maybe I can combine several fonts. I will gather the fonts that I like in one page to help visualize. Then, decide which one should be considered. I will choose the fifth one, at the bottom and right:

Create a Cool Clock Symbol

Now you need to think about how to make special touches on this word “WATCHI” in Photoshop. For me, I will put the head of the letter “ i ” as an illustration of a clock.

– Draw a circle using the Ellipse tool. Press shift to draw a regular circle. Now, draw a subtracting circle inside the drawn circle by pressing shift+alt. Use the Path Selection tool to move the subtracting circle. Use the Custom Shape tool to draw the clock handles. Choose the Arrow. Right click and use the Free Transform Path to turn the arrows.


– I will add some touches to the circle of the clock. I will make it dashed circle in different sizes using this tool. But before that, I need to Rasterize the layer of the circle. (In Photoshop, Rasterizing converts the text or shapes layer into a normal layer. Then you can edit that layer). To Rasterize the layer, Right-click on the layer and click Rasterize Layer.

– I will draw select the area I want to delete using the Polygon Lasso Tool. Make a selection then press “Delete”. Follow the same method till you get the following shape.

Design a Cool Letter A

Now, I will modify the look of the letter “A”. Make every letter as a single text in different layers to be able to modify it separately. Put the letter “A” in its own layer (duplicate the original text layer then Rasterize the layer). Use the Polygon Lasso Tool to select and delete all the other letters.

Decrease the width of “A”. Right click the canvas and go to Free Transform. Then carefully erase the horizontal line in the letter “A”.

Use the Move tool and move the “W” and “TCH” layers closer to the “i” layer. So now we have on the canvas, the new logo for our fictional watch company:

Add a Cool Mirror Effect

To add a mirror effect to the logo, Flatten all layers. Duplicate the “Background” layer. Then on the “Background copy” layer go to Edit > Transform > Flip Vertical. Change the layer to Multiply. Change the layer Opacity to 25%.Then use the Move tool to move the mirrored text just below the original like you see below:

Mirrored text Photoshop logo

Cool Coloring Scheme

For the first coloring scheme on our Photoshop logo, I am proposing the two colors below (green and dark gray). With a little more work… an inverted version (Start with Color Invert from the menu):

I hope this tutorial has given you ideas on how to design a logo in Photoshop. Photoshop is a great tool for creating text, icons, and symbols that will go well with your own logo.

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