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We have tutorials on Timeline Animation, 3D text, Logo design, Banner Animation, GIF Animation, Layer Style Effects, Color by Number, and Texture tutorials.

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24 Photoshop Animation Tutorials

Great list of animation tutorials for Adobe Photoshop. For beginner to advanced projects. Something for anyone to apply.


Photoshop Frame Animation

Use the Frame Animation option in Photoshop to create a text animation. Easy tutorial focuses on the basics of animated GIF’s.


Text Effects in Photoshop with a Hexagonal Background

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn to design cool text effects, and a really cool hexagon background pattern. Create shiny metal text with drop shadows.


Glossy Photoshop Web Buttons

Design glossy web buttons in Photoshop. Good for Blogs & Websites. Unlimited color schemes. Easy tutorial with a good video. Check it out.


Cool Photoshop Text Effects – Glossy Text

See this tutorial on glossy text effects using the glass filter and Layer Styles. Also use the Lens flare effect, and masking for a cool glossy text.


Photoshop Video Timeline Tutorial

Animate text in Photoshop’s Video Timeline. This gives the animator more power in creating animations. Output a text effects animation to a GIF file.


3D Text Effect in Photoshop

Photoshop tutorial on how to design 3D text effects quickly. Using my own domain name, I will create a cool golden 3D text logo.


What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

Subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud and save hundreds of dollars to access any Adobe software like Photoshop. In addition, students and teachers get a big discount.


25 Best Photoshop tutorials for logo design

It’s hard to find tutorial sites that teach you logo design in Photoshop. Because of this, I have compiled the 25 Best Photoshop tutorials for logo design.


Photoshop Logo Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will design a logo for a fictional watch-selling company named “WATCHI”. They sell Swiss-made watches. Step by step details.


Animated banner in Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial I will create a 728×90 animated banner GIF like the ones you see on blogs and webpages. Then save it as a GIF file which can then be played on a website.


X-ray Animation in Photoshop

This is a cool tutorial. Take any picture of a human face. Download the skull picture. Then use Photoshop to create an animation of an X-ray scanner.


Wooden texture in Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial you will learn how to use Layer Style Effects to create a beautiful wooden texture. Layer Style Effects is an easy way to add depth to your textures.


Create Wooden Objects in Photoshop

You will learn how to make Wooden Objects using outlines, gradients and wooden textures. You do not have to be a good artist. It is easy to create realistic wooden images with depth.


Color by Number Photoshop Tutorial >> Clouds

In this Photoshop tutorial we will take a clouds image, and turn it into a Color by Number picture. This Color by Number picture can then be printed on paper.


Using Gradients to create primitive objects

Using Gradients to create primitive objects (Cone, Sphere, Cube, and Cylinder) is very easy to do in Photoshop. Use different Gradients on multiple layers, and different Opacity settings.


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