SEO For Beginners – Part 4 – Link Building

We are back with the fourth part of the series of our SEO for Dummies series. We hope that the previous parts were of great help and you have already seen great improvement in your search engine ranking. To view out previous posts please click here

Link BuildingWe have covered the basics already, but there is still a lot that needs to be discussed. Today, we will highlight link building, which is a very important part of search engine optimization, and has proved itself to give good results.

Firstly, one has to understand what link building actually is. Link building revolves around actions used to increase the quality and number of inbound links that a page or website receives. A strong example of link building can be seen in this post itself, where other SEO guideline pages were linked in the first paragraph.

Link building can be divided in two simple parts.

1. Internal Link Building

2. External Link Building

Internal Link Building

Let’s first discuss internal link building. Many people think that internal link building is not of much value and there is no point in linking pages with each other. This notion is wrong, because internal link building can greatly improve the hits a website receives. Does it improve your search engine ranking? It might not. But, the main aim is served, that is to attract more traffic.

Internal link building is simply using the hyperlink tool to link pages with each other. For example, if you are discussing about a topic that you have already discussed previously, then you may hyperlink some text (called anchor text) to that page. This way, people who are reading your post may click on the link and get to that page if they are interested in the topic.

However, one should be very careful when building links. You should carefully select anchor text and the page you want it to take the user to. Everything should be relevant or it may have a very negative impact.

Internal Link Building

For example, if a post is about growing apples then all the links it takes the user to, should be about growing apples. They may be different, such as tips on growing apples, advantages etc. However, they should be relevant. If such a page is linked to the review of your favorite movie, then understandably the readers would consider it spam and may blacklist your website for giving false links.

Now the question arises, how many internal links should there be? If you think that flooding an article with internal links will help the purpose then you are wrong. The numbers of links depend upon several things including the main aim of the article and the length. For example, if the post is written mainly to advertise a certain product, then you may have a number of links to that product. However, if the article is about some information, then having links may not be of much help.

It is recommended that you use around 2-3 links in a 600 word article. Going overboard may be overkill. Once again, make sure that all the links are relevant. Plus, you should not link the same page again and again as people would of course not be interested in reading the same thing. A variety is needed!

External Link Building

External link building is definitely better than internal link building; simply because, it will attract solid traffic. In case of internal link building, you will only be able to retain visitors who are already External Link Buildingon your website.

However, in case of external link building you may be able to get people who are on other websites.

In order to get good results from this technique, it is important that you select the right website for external link building. Firstly, the website you choose should be related to your business. For example, if you sell electronic items then you should have links on a website that does the same, having links on a website that deals in food or irrelevant items will not be very helpful. However, if it comes for free then there is no harm in having these.

Still, you need to be careful regarding the sites that are linked to your website. They should have a clear chit and must not contain malicious tools. There are many websites, which offer guest blog posting and other such tools where you may send your articles that can link back to your website. This way visitors who read that content will get a link to your website and if the anchor text interests them, then your website will receive more visitors.

You must remember the same tips that are explained in the internal link building section. In case you cannot find any website to build links, you should look for sites that may be interested in link exchange program. Additionally, content sharing sites like ‘Ezine’ can be utilized. These allow you to post your content that may link back to your website. Such websites receive thousands of visitors and can prove to be very beneficial.

Well, it is time to wrap up this section. Link building is a very strong tool that can give you great results. It is important that you keep an eye on how the changes you bring to your website improve your site’s search engine optimization, so that you know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Since every website is different, their needs and requirements also differ; which is why, it is important to be a little careful.

In this article, we solely focused on what link building is about and how you can improve internal link building. More tips and tricks on external link building with advantages will be explained in the upcoming parts of this series. Watch this space for more!


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