Functions in C++

Welcome to the 8th Tutorial on C++ Tutorials for beginners series. This is this is first tutorial on c++ functions, a very important aspect of any programming language. Functions are often called methods as well in some programming languages, but in this tutorial we will restrict ourselves to the word function. In this tutorial we …

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Introduction: Welcome to the 7th tutorial in the series of Short Tutorial on C++ for beginners. We have discussed arrays and strings in the previous tutorial. Now is the time to discuss something more advanced and technical. Yes, we are going to discuss pointers in this tutorial. Pointers are considered one of the trickiest concepts …

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C++ Part 4 – else if / else / if nesting

We go into detail on the “if” statement. This includes the statements else, else if, and nesting if-elsestatements. After these concepts are covered, we will start a new programming Project: Metric Converter. You will see how advanced if-else statements, along with floating point math and Logical Operators will be used in this program.

If Statement in C++ Programming

In Part 3, we start using ” If ” in C++, which compares 2 or more variables inside the parenthesis of the If statement, using the Relational Operators in C++. What you will learn, will be tested as you program a real App, a Simple Calculator.