How to use Illustrator to Draw a Flower

Vector Drawing Illustrator Tutorial
Vector Drawing Illustrator Tutoria

In this tutorial, we will use Adobe Illustrator to create a vector drawing of a simple flower. In contrast to bitmap images, vector images can be re-sized up or down without losing any visual clarity. Illustrator is one of the most popular vector drawing software you can use for this purpose. This tutorial will show you how easy drawing with Illustrator is. Just check the image.

Bullet list of the tools and steps you will take:

* Use the Polygon Tool with the Pucker & Bloat filter.

* Select paths with the Direct Selection tool.

* Apply different effects like Inner glow, Drop Shadow, Opacity and Blur.

* Learn to use the Pen tool to create paths.

* Make use of the Pathfinder and Magic Wand tools.

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How to use Illustrator to Draw a Flower

Designing a simple vector flower using Adobe Illustrator

1. Create a new document and select the Polygon Tool. Drag and draw a polygon of 8 faces with 150px height and width. Use up and down arrow key to increase or decrease faces. Select the polygon shape and apply Pucker & Bloat filter from Effect>Distort and Transform>Pucker & Bloat.

Change the value to 90 and press ok.

2. Now with the shape selected, go to Object>Expand Appearance. Then again go to Object>Ungroup. The first thing you we did was Expand appearance. It will break the Pucker and Bloat filter into vector but grouped. Then we ungrouped it.

3. Now select the outline (path) with direct selection tool and hit delete. This will delete the path or outline of the shape. Then apply a color for your flower. I used light yellow here.

4. Now select the object and go to Effect>Stylize>Inner glow. Use my values. Blend mode: Difference; Color: Black; Opacity: 70%; Blur: 15pt and position: Edge.

5. Now also add a drop shadow from Effect>Stylize>Drop Shadow. Use Blend Mode: Normal; Opacity:60%; X Offset:0; Y Offset: 0; Blur: 3pt and black color.

6. Now select the rotation tool and hit Enter. This will bring up the Rotation dialogue box. Enter 20deg in angle and click copy.

7. Now select the Eclipse tool and draw a Circle with 66pt height and width in the center of the shape. Add inner glow and drop shadow with the same value as used last time in this tutorial.


8. Now add a new layer in the bottom of the current layer and select Pen tool. Use pen tool to draw the straw of the flower. Use 10pt stroke to make the straw. Now create outline of the path from Object > Path > Outline stroke.


9. Apply a green color on the fill color of the straw then apply drop shadow with same settings and inner glow with 5pt instead of 15pt.

10. Now use the pen tool to draw a leaf. Draw the shape of the leaf and use a fill color. Then draw strokes over leaf to make it’s veins. Once your done select the strokes over the leaf(veins) and go to Object > Path > Outline Stroke.


11. Now select the whole leaf with veins and open the pathfinder toolbar from Window > Pathfinder. Select Divide on the pathfinder window.Then go to Object > Ungroup. Select the direct selection tool then select and delete the extra parts of the leaf that goes outside of it.


12. Once you’re done, select the magic wand tool and select one of the veins. This will select all the veins.Then select Unite in the pathfinder toolbar.


13. Now select the leave and the vines and group them from Object > Group or press Ctrl+G. After that, you can scale or move the leaf in a position that it fits well.


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